Reichsrat von Buhl Forster Riesling (750ml)


The category of local wines is the new element in the VDP pyramid. The local Riesling grapes must be made from grapes that come from one place. As a traditional Deidesheim winery, it was of course important to us to keep the flag high for home. So there are two Deidesheimer Rieslings, one dry and one semi-dry. And as the largest private vine owner in Forst, we naturally made a local Riesling from Forster grapes. Our racy Riesling shows bright Forster flavor and fresh citrus. Uncompromisingly dry with a distinctive acid kick, a real character head. In the 2017 vintage, our Forster is a cuvée from the layers of Ungeheuer, Pechstein and Jesuitengarten. (ABV <12.5%)