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La Marca International Pte Ltd is located in Singapore, South East Asia’s regional trade hub. Connoisseurs of fine lifestyle will find uniqueness, bohemian exclusivity and inspiration in our line of premium products.

La Marca International is a wholesale importer and distributor of a variety of goods, including wines, organic foodstuffs, marine products, etc., and the owner of probably the most authentic German Biergarten in Singapore – Bread, Beer & Brez’n (BB&B)

Bread, Beer & Brez’n (BB&B) is featured as one of the 10 best German restaurants in Singapore (2022), article by sbo.sg

Visit bbnb.sg for more information.

La Marca Marine, a division of La Marca International Pte Ltd which started its operations in 2004, specializes in boats which are innovative, versatile and technologically advanced, yet also affordable for anybody who would like to have fun at sea. Our selection of boats keeps in mind the unique conditions of Singapore’s waters, trying to maximize the fun factor for the enthusiastic buyer.

Visit us at lamarca-marine.com for more information.

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